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Successful Healing Of Periapical Lesions With Non-Surgical Endodontic Approach

Dr.P.Venugopal, Dr.Anil Kumar.S, Dr.Jyothi.K.N

Uprighting Impacted Mandibular Second Molar

Dr.Akshai Shetty K.R, Dr.Amarnath B.C, Dr.DineshM.R., Dr.Prashanth C.S

Herpes zoster along Maxillary Nerve with Osteonecrosis

Dr. K.R.Kashinath, Dr.Chandra Shekar.L

Fibrous Dysplasia of The Jaw Bones: Clinical, Radiographical and Histopathological Features. Report of Two Cases.

Dr. Jyothi Mahadesh, Dr. Charan Gowda, Dr. Laxmi Devi, Dr. Kokila G.

Aggressive Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma of the Anterior Mandible

Dr.Ravikumar.R, Dr.Raghavendra.K, Dr.Santhosh Kumar

Talon Cusp In A Primary Tooth

Dr.Praveen.P, Dr.Anantharaj.A, Dr.Karthik Venkataraghavan, Dr.Prathibha Rani, Dr.Jaya .A.R

Evaluation Of Validity Of Pont�s Analysis In Tumkur Population

Dr. K.Sridharan, Dr.V.Madhusudhan, Dr. H.Srinivasa, Dr. Yogesh Mahobia, Dr. Sandbhor Shailesh

Platelet Concentrates: A Promising Innovation In Dentistry

Dr. Kiran N K, Dr. Mukunda K S, Dr.Tilak Raj T N

Oral Lichen Planus - Review

Dr.Chandra Shekar, Dr.Sachin Ganesan

Twin Block: A Compliant Class- II Corrector

Dr.Dinesh M.R, Dr.Dharma R.M, Dr.Prashanth C.S, Dr.Amarnath B.C

Infection Control In Prosthodontics

Dr.Naveen.B.H, Dr.Kashinath.K.R, Dr.Jagdeesh.K.N, Dr.Rashmi.B.Mandokar

Distraction Osteogenesis ,A New Hope For Tmj Ankylosis

Dr. Amarnath B.C , Dr. Dharma R.M, Dr. Prashanth C.S, Dr. Rajkumar G.C.

Osteoma of The Mandible

Dr.Gayathri Goudar, Dr.RaviKumar.R, Dr.Manjunath.G.A, Dr.Jyothi Mahadesh

Cleft Orthopedics Using Liou�s Technique - A Case Report

Dr.Prashanth C.S, Dr.Amarnath B.C, Dr.Dharma R.M, Dr.Dinesh M.R

Cytokines and Orthodontic tooth movement- A Review

Dr. Sharath Kumar Shetty , Dr. Mahesh Kumar.Y, Dr. Smitha .P.L.

Challenges In Pulpal Treatment Of Young Permanent Teeth � A Review

Dr.Anantharaj.A, Dr.Praveen.P, Dr.Karthik Venkataraghavan, Dr.Prathibha Rani.S, Dr.Sudhir.R, Dr.Murali Krishnan.B

Knowledge and Attitude of Medical Doctors Towards Emergency Management of Avulsed Tooth-A cross sectional survey

Dr. Jyothi .K.N, Dr. Venugopal .P, Dr. Soumyaranjan Nanda, Dr. Mahaveer kumar Shah

Oral Diagnostics In The Aged Mouth �A Review

Dr. Manasa Anand Meundi , Dr. Jayaprasad Anekar , Dr. Raj A C


Dr Jayaprasad Anekar

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